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Another major transformation is underway – just like JFK/NIXON TV DEBATE in 1960, but this time it is election being determined by web presence rather than TV debates. Republicans enter another TV debate today (November 12, 2011) and political pundits try to figure out who has won and stumbled. Will sharpshooting RICK PERRY shoot himself in the foot again or will HERMAN CAIN’s penis hold the big attention, speaking literally? (Read: “Will Herman Cain’s Sex Scandal Kill Presidential Hopes?” - “Witch Hunt?” or "One with everything on it, and please hold the sausage!" diplomaticallyincorrect.org/films/blog_post/will-herman-cains-sex-scandal-kill-presidential-hopes-by-ambassador-mo/39301). TV debate performance does matter, but it may be that web dominance will be the best indicator. Initially I viewed the web as a brand new indicator, but FRANCESCO RULLI, President of FilmAnnex pointed out to me that in BARAK OBAMA’s 2008 victory the writing was on the Internet wall, so to speak. Both on his own domain name and the conversation carried out on auxiliary sites, Obama was significantly a more audible presence. "America - AAA Country": This year, the trend will only accelerate, and according to RULLI, moving forward with the “AAA COUNTRY Project” is one of those insights given impetus by the rise of the web as political influencer and theatre. (See “America AAA Country” Channel - diplomaticallyincorrect.org/c/america-aaa-country). We are still moving into trails that only now are being pioneered, but like the cry over a couple of previous centuries: “Go West Young Man,” today’s advice would be direct your campaign activities to the net - "go to the web candidate!" The reasons for the trend are varied. However, some more obvious rationale is evident. Like the Wild West, the web is huge swathes of media/intellectual/fundraising territory largely unoccupied. (Exclusivity/claims to this territory are largely disregarded - as was the case with Native Americans). The web is no longer just about programmers, hackers and techies but increasingly about the content and the activists who seek to most effectively exploit the content, whether it is for business, art and/or political purpose. Most Targeted Demographics & Donate Now: The web is also a self-defining demographic that brings together “communities” focused on the issues that are relevant to the electorate. Of course, it also brings the more and less compact cores of a candidate’s base in such manner that enlarges such supporters and perhaps as critically motivates and insures continuing support. Frequently elections are not won on foundation of who is more popular. Rather, it is about who is more effective in securing a motivated base and insuring that this electorate votes and encourages others to also get out to the poll. Of course, we should also not ignore that the web is more convenient/efficient cash register for campaign fundraising - it is all there in one critical online moment - the candidate in virtual reality, the issues, the motivation and "Donate Now" button right on the side of the screen. Community Dynamic Rather than Mere Talking Head Spin: The web though is far from static. RON PAUL would have a big lead if such were the case. Paul though is a libertarian purist and a bit awkward, in person and in his cold, unbending positions on issues, for today’s media spotlight. He is not a TV personality or one for hugging and kissing babies at big political rallies. His rallies are on the net, and his political support is significantly higher due to his more active/assertive net presence. It is the other Republican candidates that have to worry about the lack of effective web presence. Yes, they all have websites but for many of them that is where it starts and more or less meanders without focused action. The huge swings in popularity of candidates are only in part a product of the stumbles and sweaty/nervous giggles on TV debates. More significant is the behind the scenes spin – except spin is no longer one or couple of talking heads on the boob screen. It is now about online communities analyzing, redefining and realigning in ways that they become as or more relevant than the spin-masters' and candidates' one-liners. 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