Danny Glover: "Golombiao" Has No Score!

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Danny Glover: Golombiao Has No Score!

Danny Glover came to Colombia to launch a local form of soccer called Golombiao. It has no score keeping but teaches some other valuable life principles - The UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador makes a ceremonial first kick at the launch of Colombia’s first national tournament in Golombiao. Developed by the Colombian government with the support of UNICEF, “Golombiao” is a game like soccer, but where you don’t keep score.

Instead, the players follow principles such as gender equality, non-violence and freedom of expression, to help them avoid falling into patterns of violence that affect many of their communities.

A world-renowned actor and humanitarian, Glover has worked with UNICEF since 2004.

Many of the films Glover stars in and produces focus on social justice issues. He draws some of his inspiration from the work he’s done with UNICEF.

SOUNDBITE (English) Danny Glover, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
“I’ve always considered myself a citizen first and then an artist. So the responsibility, the challenge of being an artist is finding a way in which you marry both of those things that they intersect. And I’ve been fortunate enough through my relationships with organizations such UNICEF to find ways that I complement what I do as a citizen, and as a citizen artist and vice versa.”

Glover is also lending his voice to UNICEF’s call for the business community to take greater responsibility for the welfare of Colombia’s children, says UNICEF Representative Miriam de Figueroa.

SOUNDBITE (English) Miriam de Figueroa, UNICEF Representative, Colombia:
“We want to have him let the private sector know that they play a tremendous role in terms of being co-responsible in guaranteeing children’s rights, in terms of their engagement in the lives of children in Colombia.”

In the historic, walled city of Cartagena, that involvement may be best illustrated by the project, “I Am the Wall.”

With the support of UNICEF and the Renacer Foundation, men and women working in the tourism sector have formed a network to prevent the sexual exploitation of children.

Hotel, bar and restaurant staff, vendors, carriage drivers and others form a wall of protection around the city’s children, and report any signs of abuse or exploitation by tourists to the authorities.

Already they’ve seen signs of success, says carriage driver Armando Franco.

SOUNDBITE (SPANISH) Armando Franco, driver:
“Now with all the work that we’re doing, [the exploitation] is beginning to fade away. And since we’ve been working for a few years now, we seldom see it.”

Glover supports the approach.

SOUNDBITE (English) Danny Glover, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador:
“Just from the vantage point of driving around this city, you really understand the value of him and others like him in really putting a dent in this whole sex trade.”

Glover also visited “LaBoquilla” children’s centre, which works to prevent the sexual exploitation of children, while teaching children their history, their rights, and their own potential to make a positive contribution to the world. It appeared to be a clear example of how inspiration between Mr. Glover and the children flowed both ways.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2011

Length: 1:45 mins

Country: Colombia


  • Muhamed Sacirbey (UNTV-UNICEF)


  • Susan Sacirbey (UNTV-UNICEF)