NY Saber World Cup 2011 NYAC - Limbach vs Yakimenko


NY Saber World Cup 2011 NYAC - Limbach vs Yakimenko

In the gold medal round of the NY World Cup in sabre, Nicolas Limbach of Germany faces off against Alexei Yakimenko of Russia. Right away, Yakimenko decides to take the straight-forward approach. Calm and collected, he steps in close to the opponent time after time, forcing Limbach to move back and forth, desperately trying to find the right distance. When Limbach backs up to end of the strip, Yakimenko is patient, moving forward slowly and waiting for the opportunity to finish his attack. When Limbach tries to go forward, Yakimenko stands perfectly still, waiting to throw in a quick counter-attack or parry the attack with a strong defensive move. The German's frantic movement scores him a touch here and there, but he doesn't break Yakimenko's stoic patience and intimidating body language. The Russian ultimately wins the bout and his third World Cup gold in a row!


Language: Music

Year of Production: 2011

Length: 2:03

Country: United States