Rio+20-Your Future?

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Rio+20-Your Future?

What kind of future do you want is the question that the UN asks? Seeking your views and interaction as already global leaders prepare for June 2012 and the Rio De Janeiro Conference - 20 years after initial global gathering in same global city regarding environment, climate and sustainable development.

To promote next June's Rio+20 conference and the need for sustainable development, the United Nations launched a campaign engaging people in a global conversation on the kind of communities they would like to live in twenty years from now.
The campaign, Rio+20: The Future We Want, works through public participation to envision how societies in all parts of the world can build a future that promotes prosperity and improves people's quality of life without further degrading our planet's natural environment.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2011

Length: 1:15 mins.

Country: United Nations


  • Muhamed Sacirbey (UNTV)


  • Susan Sacirbey (UNTV)