Make Money with Your Film Annex Web TV

Whether you are a filmmaker, a writer, or an audience member, you can generate revenues on your Film Annex Web TV.

How do I get my Web TV?

Film Annex Web TVs are free. Upon signing up on our platform, you get a channel that you can curate with the content of your choice. Note that your Web TV channel is different from your Film Annex profile. While your Film Annex profile URL might be, your Web TV channel URL will be

How do I curate my Web TV?

Every movie you upload will appear on your profile. From these movies, you can select which ones you want to add to your Web TV. You can showcase all your films or choose your best work. In addition, you can add movies to your channel from our open film library and/or request films from other filmmakers if you like their work!

How do I make money on my Web TV?

Our users generate revenues based on their BuzzScore, a scoring system that calculates their influence and ability to engage their audience with social media tools. You can claim your payment once you reach the ฿ 0.2 mark. All you have to do is to be creative, put your work out there and share it on social media. Read more on how to earn money with Film Annex and the BuzzScore

How do I increase the exposure and revenues on my Web TV?

Part of the success of how well your Web TV does financially is in your hands. Be sure to use social media tools to your advantage. Link to your Web TV channel from your website. Cross-linking is important.

Does Film Annex promote my Web TV?

Our programming team regularly chooses films, filmmakers and Web TVs to be featured on our homepage, and Web TVs for the Film Annex Picks. Featured Web TVs have higher BuzzScores due to the quality of the filmmaker's work.

How can I be a contender to be featured on Film Annex?

All you need is a complete, powerful channel. This means having quality films, engaging blogs, photo galleries that show images from your work, and a link from your social media pages and/or official website to your Web TV. If you think your Web TV has the qualifications to be featured on our homepage, e-mail us at and tell us why we should promote you.

I’m a writer, not a filmmaker. Can I still monetize my Web TV?

Yes. All writers on Film Annex are compensated based on their BuzzScores. The BuzzScore of a writer who is part of The Annex Press is higher due to the quality of the writing.

I’m an audience member. Do I get a Web TV as well?

Even viewers earn money on Film Annex just by sharing the content they love! A high sharing score will influence a viewer’s BuzzScore in a positive way. Moreover, viewers have the option to curate their Web TVs by requesting films from their favorite filmmakers and/or adding movies to their channels from our Open Film Library.