bitLanders Piggy Bank

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How much money are you
making on your WebTV?

Find out how much money you are making on your WebTV with the click of a......button!
The bitLanders Revenue App shows you your revenue stream, including your current balance and revenue history.

How to make revenues with your Web TV:

bitLanders's revenue model is based on monetizing the video ads that run prior to your content.
Every time your video is viewed, you make 50% of the revenues generated on your page.
Here are a few tips that will help you see increases in your revenue stream:

  1. Upload more videos
  2. Write more blog posts
  3. Connect with viewers and filmmakers on bitLanders's platform
  4. Use social networks like Facebook and Twitter to share your content with your viewers
  5. Tell people about your Web TV and make it the official online portfolio for your films

What is bitLanders?

bitLanders is a free and global online film platform that gives filmmakers the opportunity to monetize their content and share their work with the world. Every registered user is given a Web TV channel that they can curate with their videos or those uploaded by other filmmakers. With 300,000 registered users and over 1.5 million daily visitors,
bitLanders provides a platform where people can watch, share, write, read, and create.

bitLanders educates and entertains audiences by making meaningful, diverse, and high- quality films available to a global audience. For more information, visit