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Travel to Morocco with Surf Mei Mei


Marcy travels to Morocco in 2013 for someMoroccansun and surf Journey to Morocco: Surf + More. For a girl born on the west coast, when you think of surfing you think beach breaks, sandy beaches and the Pacific Coast Highway. Surf trips away from the …

by Surfmeimei

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Falsi miti sul Fitness (Parte I)

Nadea Translations

In giro si trovano moltissime informazioni sul fitness, ma molte delle cose che leggiamo non hanno alcun fondamento scientifico. Vediamone assieme qualcuna. LE DONNE NON DOVREBBERO SOLLEVARE PESI PER NON DIVENTARE GROSSE.Fatela finita. Probabilmente …

by Antonio-NadeaTranslations

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Top 5 Shows To Binge Watch on Netflix

John Tancredi

I've been spending a lot of time on Netflix lately so now I want to share with you the top 5 television shows to binge watch on the website. For the purposes of this list I will be excluding shows with more than six seasons if the episodes are an hou…

by JohnTancredi

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How I make my Flip books!

Patrick Jenkins

I make my flip books by drawing on blank 4" X 6" index filing cards, using a light table. Sometimes people ask me, why do I make my flip books by hand? Well the answer is two fold. First I like working with my hands, drawing on paper. I like the tact…

by patrick-jenkins

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