Alex Nakone Films presents a collection of films featuring the work of director/writer Alex Nakone and musical compositions by John C Williams . There has been several phases of their collaboration which started in 2005 using the avatar "VTVrider". They produced music videos which tell stories such as "Calling You call me"(2005),"Rider on the Run"(2007) and  "Beautiful view" (2006). The next phase of their collaboration saw them work together on two narrative films under the theme FRIGHTENING MEDICAL SCI FI VISIONS! (which was influenced by their work in the medical profession) Biotech 8 (2008) is a black comedy about how genetic engineering night be misused in the future. Mr Morag's Hellical Dreams (2009)deals with human cloning to create body parts. Just like the "Digital Revolution" has changed our lives through information technology, these haunting visions predict how the "Genetic Revolution" may be played out. Certainly influenced by Huxley's Brave New World....indeed that world has nearly arrived!

They then changed pace to produce a Romantic music video with Kristen Lawler (singer)and co director Charmaine Kuhn "Have You Seen This day?"(2010) where John Williams shows off his brilliant musical arrangement skills and Alex his eye behind the camera as director of Photography (as well as co directing).

Alex went onto to make another short film called "Ouroboros" a film about gangsters and karma. It was completed in June 2012.

Currently Alex is working on yet another short film project called Maurice's Symphony, a film about a deaf musician inspired by a true story and also the incredible life of Ludwig Van Beethoven. The film will have a "Steampunk" aesthetic and hopes to be made by mid 2014.