Drama, Art


An early experimental film from director Ben Warner. SYNOPSIS: Alex is in an esoteric, cyclical nightmare where he cannot escape his evil alter-ego. Re-edited especially for DIGICOSM TV in this concise edition.

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“Your Fate is in Your Hands”

Are you in control of your life? Do you wonder whether you are close to achieving the goals you’ve set your sights on? Is everything you expect from life being fulfilled, or is there a nagging doubt lingering in the shadows of your mind. Perhaps you’ve even caught a glimpse of your plight. Maybe even seen yourself as a hapless prisoner, unable to break free from the confines of your own mind and stricken with an inability to deal with the crises that life presents you?

Alex Wright is an average, unremarkable young man, living life without change or incident. Day after day flows in to the next like a never ending sea of monochrome monotony, his body unaware of its souless existence. Yet he persists at his mundane life suffering his duties as an unloved son, a harassed employee and a lonely person. To add insult to injury, he is completely unaware of his pointless existence on this planet or the fate that awaits him on another.

But one day, his predictable world is thrown into chaos by the emergence of an unimaginably hostile force when his brain is infected by an evil alien parasite. Alex is forced to look into his soul where he is given a single choice: live or die.

As the alien parasite takes control, it begins to devour Alex’s life force by creating an alter-ego who beckons Alex to give in and accept fate. However Alex is aided in the battle against his own weaknesses by Callea, a spacetraveller who travels the universe to protect all beings from the threat of alien menace.

Alex now faces his biggest test. He must learn to overcome all the barriers and obstacles he has created for himself in life by facing the truth of his shallow existence and observing the strengths and weaknesses of his own mind. Different facets of his brain tell him what he must do, but only he has the power to take control of his situation.

In a tense conclusion, Alex with the help of Callea prepares to battle the alien parasite in the depths of space. Alex now knows he must fight to win back his life while the alien must consume Alex for its survival. A spectacular battle of stellar proportions then unfolds between Alex and the alien in the midst of space. Summoning all his inner strength Alex finally takes control of his destiny and uses the power of his mind to vanquish the alien parasite and regain control of his life.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2000

Length: 8m:31s

Country: Australia


  • Ben Warner


  • Ben Warner, Mara Warner, Stephan Kern


  • Beau Wellington