Teaser Trailer from the provactive short film SAMARITAN, produced by SMALL WAVE FILMS.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU SAW SOMEONE IN TROUBLE? WOULD YOU HELP? Martin’s life is turned upside down one morning when he goes to the aid of a young woman being beaten by a man with a gun. In a matter of seconds, the shooter attacks Martin and murders another man also trying to help diffuse the situation. While recovering from the experience, Martin must deal with the enormity of the consequences arising from the incident and his feelings of guilt over the death of the other man trying to help.

Transcripts / Production notes / Scripts

Director’s Statement

SAMARITAN is a film with a simple but important message: helping others in distress can have serious consequences for a society trying to grabble with violence and those that perpetrate it. As director, I hoped to offer an insight into the trauma experienced by victims of crime and impart the message in the film that as a society we must do much more to prevent such tragedies occurring in the future.

Set within the CBD of a large city, SAMARITAN describes the escalation of events that begin with an altercation between a man and a woman and ends with the fatal shooting of bystanders coming to the woman’s aid. The true horror of this event is examined in the aftermath through the eyes of one of the survivors.

The importance of this story is that it could happen any where at any time to any one. But how do we as individuals in a modern society deal with these events? And what responsibility do we have as a society to make perpetrators accountable for the horror they create?

Events such as the one depicted in the screenplay of SAMARITAN have happened before in Australia: Hoddle Street, Queen Street and Port Arthur. The most recent shooting tragedy occurred in the Melbourne CBD last June. This random and unprovoked tragedy led to the death of a father of three and the wounding of two others. Australia was shocked. The media then posed the question to us as a society; “Is it still safe (or right) to help others?” The national debate that followed underlines the relevance of this story for any Australian audience; “In the same situation, what would you have done if you were aware of the possible consequences?”.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2008

Length: 0m:56s

Country: Australia


  • Ben Warner


  • Colin MacPherson, Gail Beker, Adam Pritchard, Glen Hancox, Paola Ly