Human Life Spans (FiST Chat 3)

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Human Life Spans (FiST Chat 3)

It's hard to believe that human life spans were much shorter at the turn of the 20th Century than what they are presently. Steve and Ben talk about human life spans and the history of life expectancies.

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FiST Chat: A weekly vodcast that features discussion on innovations, ideas and game-changers in the fields of film, science and technology. Hosted by Stephan Kern and Ben Warner.

Episode 3: Human Life Spans - Steve and Ben discuss the fascinating topic of human life spans. Human life expectancy has increased dramatically over the past two centuries, but the biggest advances may lie ahead of us with exciting possibilities in medical science and improvements in technology.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2011

Length: 14m:22s

Country: Australia


  • Stephan Kern, Ben Warner