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Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey is former Foreign Minister Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina at the United Nations. "Mo" is also signatory of the Rome Conference/Treaty establishing the International Criminal Court and supporter/witness of the ICTY-"Yugoslav Tribunal". Mo also has engaged/promoted events furthering developing ideal of "diplomat-artist." Mo has a law degree (Tulane Law School) and MBA (Columbia Univ.) having worked as investment banker on Wall Street.
Tom Osborne is 20+ year UN based journalist working as ABC bureau chief and as President of UN Correspondents Association (UNCA). Prior to UN media career, Tom served as local broadcaster and started career in politics on behalf of Robert F. Kennedy Presidential campaign.
Susan Sacirbey has worked in travel and hospitality industry including in areas of media, promotions and advertising. Susan is also passionate regarding her work with foundations providing medical/rehabilitation assistance to child victims of war and natural disasters, oppressed peoples and humane treatment of animals.