Will This Man Be America’s Next President? By Ambassador mo

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Would you go to bed with this candidate? Governor Chris Christie has again ruled himself out as candidate for 2012, but this only makes him more likely to be Republican candidate in next cycle. The Republican Party has become a fickle lover – some would define it as schizophrenic or even with its dual personality in the form of assertive Tea Party. It fell in love with Sarah Palin only to forget her once Michelle Bachmann went to the dance floor. Michelle was left standing alone on the floor as the band quickly changed to cowboy music for Rick Perry. Unsatisfied by Perry’s quick draw, the clamor went out for Republican Governor Chris Christie to join the race. He has declined and probably wisely. Chris Christie may not be my candidate, but he does speak plainly. He has slashed spending, refused to raise taxes on the wealthier and alienated unions, which endears him to fiscal conservatives. He does however speak both with a street vocabulary and New Jersey accent. Added to his more ambivalent positions on “social conservative” issues as abortion and immigration, and the love affair may not have lasted with the Republican/Tea Party base. Politics About Lust and Not Love! However, as the saying goes: “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” It is never a bad thing for a candidate to tease the desire before he commits and especially with this fickle voting companion. Christie is thus more likely to maintain his standing as the sought after and “future” Republican candidate. His more centrist views are also more probable to be received more favorably. Exposed to the full glare of his suitors, he is likely to be in a better strategic position once the dogmatists in his party meet their Waterloo over the next few political cycles. Oh yes – it will also provide Governor Christie with the opportunity to lose a few pounds. So far one of the more common criticisms of Christie is that his expanded waistline reveals a lack of discipline. (That's why we used above photo in black&white and black border - it makes the Governor look skinnier - almost Clintonesque slim). Christie spoofed and ridiculed that notion during his “now is not my time” news conference while declining to be a candidate. However, experience tells that politics is a great seducer. It is lust, and not love-they will not take you as you are but as they fantasize that you are in ideology and image. PREVIOUS ARTICLE – “Will This Man Be America’s Next President (Barak Obama)?” - http://diplomaticallyincorrect.org/films/blog_post/will-this-man-be-americas-next-president-photo-tells-the-story-by-ambassador-mo/35210 By Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

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