IMF Selecting New Chief After DSK


IMF Selecting New Chief After DSK

The International Monetary Fund said Today (19 May) that IMF Executive Directors will begin the process of selecting a new Managing Director immediately.

Speaking at a conference organized by the Bretton Woods Committee, Acting Managing Director John Lipsky explained how the selection process for a new Managing Director will take place, following the resignation on 18 May of Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

SOUNDBITE (English) John Lipsky, Acting Managing Director, IMF:
“Let’s talk about the selection process for the Managing Director. Let me make a couple things very clear, first and foremost, that this is the responsibility of the membership of the IMF—not of the staff and not of the management. In other words, in operational terms, this is something that will be dealt with exclusively by the Executive Board itself.”

Lipsky reiterated that the IMF remains fully functioning and operational.

SOUNDBITE (English) John Lipsky, Acting Managing Director, IMF:
“The institution has dealt with these situations before, without any problem and I am confident, given the dedication of our executive directors, to the operation of the Fund, the tremendous talent of our staff, the exceptional quality of our department heads and my management colleagues. This interregnum is going to proceed without any problems. The institution is fully capable and anxious to deal with all its responsibilities and is operating in a fully normal way.”

He gave as examples the recently concluded Board meeting on the IMF-supported program with Ireland on May 16, and the upcoming Board meeting on the program with Portugal on May 20, and also referred to the staff missions in Greece and Egypt.

SOUNDBITE (English) John Lipsky, Acting Managing Director, IMF:
“I don’t have the slightest doubt that we can fulfill all of our responsibilities and challenges in an adequate—not just adequate, but a superior way. Let me be specific. On Monday, colleagues participated in a meeting of the Euro Group on dealing with the European periphery. As I mentioned, tomorrow the Board will meet considering the Portuguese program. Earlier this week, the Board met on the Irish program. We have mission in the field in Greece and in Egypt. This institution is fully engaged in meeting all of the challenges. Next week, my colleague Deputy Managing Director Shafik will participate in the G-20 employment ministers meeting in Paris. At the end of the week, I will personally accompany senior staff to participate in the G-8 finance ministers meeting on the MENA region and on Africa. We are fully engaged with our responsibilities.”


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