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ISAF Spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Carsten Jacobson, briefs the media on the ongoing investigation regarding the incident that occurred along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan last Saturday.

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”I would like to start today with providing ISAF’s sincerest heartfelt condolences to the families of any Pakistan’s security force members who may have been killed or injured in the incident along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border during the early hours of Saturday. We have confirmed that an incident occurred along the border in Kunar province and that unfortunately where a number of Pakistan military casualties. The ongoing investigation regarding this incident is underway and has the highest level of the ISAF commanders’ attention. The commander of ISAF Gen. Allen has put great emphasis the last couple of days that this will be investigated thoroughly. We will continue to work to improve coordination with the Pakistan military and must work to ensure these types of incidents do not occur in the future. A joint incident assessment team together with Afghan authorities started the initial assessment on Saturday. This initial assessment of the incident was to preserve information and data to facilitate the formal investigation. Yesterday United States central command directed an official investigation into the incident. Brigadier Gen. Stephen Clark from Headquarter Air Force special operations command has been appointed as the investigating officer. His enquiry will be sent compared with the support, cooperation and involvement of the NATO element on the investigation team. The focus of investigation team will be to determine the effects of the incident and matters that facilitate a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding the dead and the injuries of the Pakistan forces. In conclusion Gen. Allen knows the bitter feeling of loosing comrades in action, the loss of service members on either sides of the the border affects our collective ability to stop insurgents and the disruptive dangerous activities especially in the border region. The events of Saturday are testing our collective resolve. However I remain confident that we will again be united in our quest to build regional security for Afghanistan, Pakistan and the region”.



Language: English

Year of Production: 2011

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