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Killing&Conflict/South Sudan

Fighting in the South Sudan among factions who only a month earlier appeared united in their fight and referendum for independence has resulted in deaths of hundreds. The new South Sudan Government (or South Sudan Liberation Movement) blames the old rulers from the North in Khartoum, from whom it separated a month earlier. The new South Sudan Government claims the militia are being armed and supported by Khartoum, but it is also true that the fighting is among former allies and largely among Christians (& animists) of the South.
The rebel accused of the massacre George Athor had lost a governor's election in his southern province. Democracy not working for him, he apparently has reverted back to an old ally, the gun and sword.

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Hundreds of people have been killed in recent fighting in southern Sudan, according to a senior official of the Government of southern Sudan. The fighting, which erupted last week between the southern army SPLA (Sudan People’s Liberation Army) and forces loyal to the renegade commander General George Athor.

This comes just one month after the Southern Sudan referendum vote, which saw the South predominately vote to secede and to become independent in July, but the region continues to be pledged by insecurity.

SOUNDBITE (English) Pagan Amum, Secretary General, Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM):
“We express our deep sorry and pain to a loss of nearly 200 people, one hundred and ninety-seven people in Fangak County as a result of heinous attack by George Athor and forces on defenseless civilian populations. It was a massacre of our people and it’s really very bad.”

Amum accused the government of Khartoum for arming and fuelling the insecurity in the south in order to destabilize the new nations.

SOUNDBITE (English) Pagan Amum, Secretary General, Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLM):
“Armed groups are being financed being armed being sent into southern Sudan from the north. You know that George Athor who has just caused the massacre in Fangak, his guns are coming from Khartoum sent to him by helicopters and other means. You know that many militia groups are now being given guns, trucks and being sent into southern Sudan.”

The renegade commander accused of leading last weeks attack, George Athor rebelled against the southern government after losing the gubernatorial seat for Jonglei in April last year.

Members of George Athor’s group signed a ceasefire agreement with the government of South on the 5 January, days before the southern referendum. Last weeks attack has raised more questions about the security of the region.

SOUNDBITE (English) Pagan Amum, Secretary General, Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLM):
“The government of Southern Sudan is capable to protect the people and it is going to do that and this is not going to be a contradiction. So our priory is peace reconciliations and reaching out, but also the protecting the people of Southern Sudan, protecting the stability new state and we are confident that Southern Sudan in the end will defeat all these plans to destabilize it, it make it cause to fail.

As southern Sudan moves towards becoming an independent nation, insecurity remains a major challenge. Last year the president of the government of Southern Sudan, President Salva Kiir offered amnesty to all those who had launched rebellions in the south.


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