What About Afghan Civilian Casualties


What About Afghan Civilian Casualties

Civilian casualties have increased dramatically in Afghanistan over the last year, according to recent United Nations based report.While 75% of these civilian deaths are blamed on the "anti-government" forces, particularly the Taliban, the casualties attributable to coalition forces are high especially in view of recent reports of deliberate targeting and murder by a few US soldiers. The (UN) report points to a 15 per cent rise in the death toll in Afghanistan and urges greater efforts by all parties to protect civilians.

According to the 2010 Annual Report on the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict released today (9 Mar) in Kabul, there were 2,777 conflict-related civilian deaths in 2010, with ordinary Afghans continuing to bear the brunt of the ongoing conflict in the country..

Prepared by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, the report noted that over the past four years, 8,832 civilians have been killed in the conflict with civilian deaths increasing each year.

Speaking to reporters, UNAMA’s human rights chief Georgette Gagnon said that the report makes some 25 recommendations to all parties to the conflict including asking “the Afghan Government, the anti-government elements and the international military forces to reduce civilian casualties.”

Anti-government elements were linked to 2,080 civilian deaths (75 per cent of all civilian deaths), up 28 per cent from 2009. Head of UNAMA Staffan de Mistura added that 18 percent of civilian deaths were “caused by pro-government forces and international forces.”

Gagnon called on anti-government elements to stop attacking civilians who are “protected under all kinds of laws.” She added “stop attacking schools, mosques, hospitals because these are also civilian places.”

Suicide attacks and improvised explosive devices killed the most Afghan civilians in the conflict in 2010, taking 1,141 lives, or 55 per cent of civilian deaths attributed to anti-government elements.

In the most alarming trend, the report finds that 462 civilians were assassinated by anti-government elements, up 105 per cent from 2009. Half of civilian assassinations took place in southern Afghanistan, with a 588 per cent increase in 2010 in Helmand province and a 248 per cent increase in Kandahar province.


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