Angelina Jolie Interview

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Angelina Jolie Interview

Interview with Angelina Jolie by Martin Bell on behalf of "UN Refugee Agency" (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)on anniversary of 10 years of service as UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Before an audience of 200 government officials, diplomats, donors and aid workers, Jolie was recognized for completing 10 years as UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, while the founder and 290 staff of SHS received the prestigious Nansen Refugee Award for their live-saving work helping tens of thousands of desperate boat people arriving on the coast of Yemen from the Horn of Africa.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2011

Length: 5 mins.

Country: United Nations


  • Muhamed Sacirbey (UNTV-UNHCR)


  • Susan Sacirbey (UNTV-UNHCR)