Diego Arria From United Nations Part 2, Venezuela & Bosnia

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Diego Arria From United Nations Part 2, Venezuela & Bosnia

More on venezuelawebtv.com , diegoarria.com , unsecuritycounciltv.com bosniatv.org & srebrenicagenocide.com at diplomaticallyincorrect.org Part 2 of 3 conversation with Ambassador Diego Arria and Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey, looking back to Bosnia & Herzegovina and forward to change in Venezuela. Is president Hugo Chavez trying to construct a new strategic alignment, (China, Russia, Iran to Bolovia and Cuba), a or simply playing on still lingering anti George W and US sentiment to further secure his power over Venezuela and its population.

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I’m Tom Osborne and thank you for joining us on Diplomatically Incorrect. I’m joined by our co-host Ambasador Muhammed Sacirbey as we welcome Ambassador Diego Arria, entrepreneur, statesman and Venezuelan political leader.

Ambassador Arria, a former president of the UN Security Council has been a champion of human rights and particularly on behalf of the victims of genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And today he also faces perhaps one of the greatest challenges of his political career as the internationally recognized political opponent to Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez and his apparent quest for absolute power in that country.

We will be talking with Ambassador Arria about democracy and human rights in Venezuela, the new political alignments that current president Hugo Chavez has pursued, including the Chavez regime’s recent overtures to countries like China, Russia, and also Iran. Is this a new strategic alignment? Is it exploitation of an anti-American impulse in the post-George W. Bush era?

First though let's go back to the crucial role that both of you played in the early 1990’s when Bosnians were fighting for their life as a people and an emerging country, Ambassador Arria in the UN Security Council and Ambassador Mo Sacirbey as then UN Representative and later Foreign Minister of Bosnia Muhammed Sacirbey, when both were colleagues in the rough and tough world of UN diplomacy.

Having covered this crisis as a reporter let me begin by asking Ambassador Arria, how did it come about that a devout Catholic Venezuelan as UN Security Council member would become not only the best ally of an American/Bosnian Ambassador named Muhamed representing Bosnia, but also the greatest champion of the Muslim victims of genocide?


Language: English

Year of Production: 2010

Length: 11 minutes

Country: Venezuela


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