Hole in Sky

Global Warming, Health

Hole in Sky

Climate Change debate is no longer just about climate but the very sky that protects mankind.

While the ozone hole has been considered by some as a solved problem, in fact its recovery is still many decades away and the effects and interactions of ozone depletion on climate change are just starting to be understood.

On the 16th September 2011, embark on an investigative journey through the history and science of the ozone layer, the actions taken to address this major environmental threat and the consequences both for the ozone layer and climate system.

This short film seeks out explanations and answers from the scientists closest to the issue.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2011

Length: 16 mins

Country: United Nations


  • Susan Sacirbey (UNTV-UNEP)


  • Muhamed Sacirbey (UNTV-UNEP)