Istanbul/UN-Host LDC Conference

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Istanbul/UN-Host LDC Conference

Summit of Least Developed Countries (LDC) gathers in Istanbul, Turkey with PM Erdogan, President Gul, & UNSG Ban Ki-moon.

Turkey is good model of country that has progressed from stagnation to economic tiger.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today (9 May) encouraged leaders of the world's poorest countries meeting in Turkey to agree on a common position and send a strong political message to the rest of the world on the importance of investing in the least developed countries to eradicate global poverty.

The Secretary-General said that “the facts are plain. We live in an unbalanced world, an unfair world”, while noting that eight of the UN’s fifteen peacekeeping operations were in Least Developed Countries (LDCs), and that in the past decade those nations had produced some 60 percent of the world’s refugees.

The IV United Nations Least Developed Countries Conference in Istanbul will assess the implementation of the Brussels Program of Action - the outcome document adopted at the 2001 LDC Conference and aims to reach agreement on the newest of support measures for the 48 nations classified as LDCs.

Ban Ki-moon told heads of state and government, ministers and delegates present at the opening ceremony of the conference that “recent years have seen a transformation of the global economic landscape” and since the 2001 Brussels Program of Action was adopted, “many LDCs have benefited from this environment, but others have seen little progress or have even slid back.”

The Least Developed Countries in the world include thirty three nations in Africa, fourteen in Asia and one, Haiti, in the Americas.

At a joint press conference with the Secretary-General, Turkey’s President Abdullah Gül who is chairing the conference said that looking at the big picture “since 1971 unfortunately developments aren’t good." He noted that while in 1971 twenty five countries were among the Least Developed Countries the number of countries had not decreased, instead the number has increased to 48."

He added that today in those countries “about 1 billion people are living with less than 1.25 dollars a day” and only three had graduated from the LDCs group. To date those countries are Botswana which graduated in 1994, Cape Verde in 2007 and Maldives on 1 January 2011.

Closing the press conference, Ban Ki-moon stressed that if success was not achieved for the LDCs, we would not be able to achieve the target of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015, adding that, “we must be successful, we must have a very ambitious target in this Istanbul Conference.”

Two papers, a political declaration and an action plan are expected to be adopted at the end of the conference in order to pave the way for a road map for activities of the next decade.


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