Jews Against Genocide: A Coalition for Bosnia, Part II

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Jews Against Genocide: A Coalition for Bosnia, Part II

Part II, "Jews Against Genocide" and the "Coalition for International Intervention Against Genocide," were groups that emerged to confront the ethnic cleansing perpetrated against Bosnia & Herzegovina and particularly its "Bosnian Muslim" (Bosniak) citizens. Professor Sharon Silber and Bob Silk retrace those moments of anguish as well as hope. Did the promise of Bosnia come to realization or was it ultimately washed away in real politik and concessions to "fascistic agendas? Why did the children of the Holocaust rise to help an indigenous European Muslim population? Was that an opportunity now in hindsight that may have been employed to serve broader interests of Jewish, Muslim and Christian understanding? Tom Osborne interviews along with Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey who also offers his thanks to those who struggled on behalf Bosnia and its victimized people.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2010

Length: 15 minutes

Country: United States


  • Ken McCaleb


  • Tom Osborne & Mo Sacirbey