"Let Them Drown & Starve!"

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Let Them Drown & Starve!

"Let them drown and starve" says self appointed Confederate Reverend Alexander Stephens to the victims of natural disaster or war. Whether it be floods in Pakistan, war in Sudan, Tsunamis in the Indian Ocean, earthquakes in Haiti or Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, these handouts only serve to help the weak survive, against God's will and thus further dilute mankind's gene pool. Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey counters that the globe has an interest in reaching out to fellow man, woman and child, even beyond morality. It's also good policy to avert future conflict and infectious poverty, whether it be New Orleans or Pakistan. Your host Tom Osborne.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2010

Length: 8 minutes

Country: United States


  • Mo sacirbey, Tom Osborne, Steve Gormley, Semyon Maltsev


  • Susan Sacirbey


  • Steve Gormley, Tom Osborne & Mo Sacirbey