New York, Battle Ground or Common Ground, "Mosque Near Ground Zero" Part 1

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New York, Battle Ground or Common Ground, Mosque Near Ground Zero Part 1

Mosque or Islamic Center near ground zero has raised question of whether New York City is the battle ground or common ground? Is New York City the new Jerusalem? How does experience of Muslims of Bosnia & Herzegovina, (Bosniaks), provide lesson to sensitivity of victims in this instance under siege in Sarajevo, ("European Jerusalem"), and under genocidal attack throughout BiH by extremist Serbian or Christian Orthodox forces claiming to be killing Muslims on behalf of Christianity? Is America founded upon purely Judea-Christian values or is it based upon Constitutional principles representing the zenith of Enlightenment values adopted and adapted by Founding Fathers as Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington and particularly George Mason, the man most responsible for Bill of Rights and Virginia Declaration of Rights? Ambassador Muhamed "mo" Sacirbey interview by Tom Osborne.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2010

Length: 15 minutes

Country: United States


  • Tom Osborne & Susan Sacirbey


  • Tom Osborne & Susan Sacirbey