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Four hundred students and athletes from all over Afghanistan ran a 5 kilometers race to protest against corruption. The country is ranked as the third most corrupt in the world.

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It’s unusual to see runners on the roads in Kabul so for the hundreds who turned up to see this race, this was quite a spectacle.

The race started on the road outside the Afghan parliament. All along the route, the participants were flanked by police in pickup trucks.

This was in part for their protection as the runners were protesting against an issue which is rife in Afghanistan, corruption.


“Afghan Anti Corruption Network, which is a network of civil society organization fighting corruption has held a race of five kilometres running race against corruption, where around four hundred athletes from all over Afghanistan has participated. The purpose of this race was to put a pressure on the corrupt officials who are involved in corruption to end corruption”.


Afghanistan is the third most corrupt country in the world, only Somalia and Myanmar rank above it.

Wealthy Afghans are carrying around eight billion dollars in suitcases out of the country every year, according to an official from the Afghan central bank.

But the government says it’s hopeful & committed to fight and end corruption alongside its international partners. This race was sponsored by the Kabul municipality.


“It was a very nice competition and very nice event between the youth, the youths’ event. It shows that Afghan youth are against corruption and they know that Kabul municipality have already started a strong fight against corruption.”


My Name is Mohammad Kareem Yaqut, from Afghanistan and today there is a competetion, the competetion name is Move & Fight against Corruption, It means anti corruption, we participated in this competition and fortunately I got the first position.


ISAF Commander General John Allen while testifying before the US Senate’s Armed Services Committee, said “corruption still robs Afghan citizens of their faith in the government and that poor governance itself often advances insurgent messages”.

Mustafa Kazemi in
Afghanistan for the NATO Channel.


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