Saving the Tiger/World Bank Joins Effort

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Saving the Tiger/World Bank Joins Effort

Tigers are in great danger of extinction. Global Tiger Summit in St Petersburg, Russia brings the 13 countries that still have wild tigers together with conservation and development institutions in an attempt to save the species and double its numbers. WORLD BANK now joins effort with its vast resources on behalf of this unique global asset.

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“Tigers are what is referred to as an umbrella species, what that means is if you save the tiger you also have to save its prey populations and you are going to have to preserve the biological diversity of its habitats, so by saving the tiger we save a lot more than the tiger. But second, the tiger is such an iconic species it’s a representative of sports teams, of companies, kids around the world grow up learning about tigers because of their power and their grace, that if we can’t save the tiger you have to ask yourself what our chances are of saving many other species.”

“Tigers were declared an endangered species forty years ago; and we continue to loose tigers; and so unless we try something new, the World Bank what they bring to the table is a whole new perspective. The World Bank is one of the primary financiers of biodiversity conservation activity, people don't know that”

we aim to expand the reserves, we need to expand the ranger population, we have to make this economic for communities, so they don't feel the need to try to kill the tigers and ultimately we have to get at the poachers, we need to see poachers behind bars , not tigers behind bars.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2010

Length: 3 minutes

Country: Russian Federation


  • Tom Osborne, Mo Sacirbey & UNTV


  • Susan Sacirbey