Somalia-Roadmap to Peace?


Somalia-Roadmap to Peace?

With Somalia facing confluence of natural disaster and conflict, UN Security Council encouraged a "roadmap" to peace.

In a press statement on Somalia, Security Council members “welcomed the recent improvement in the security situation in Mogadishu” and urged the Somali Transitional Federal Institutions (TFIs) “to immediately capitalize on these gains by urgently focusing on delivery of basic services and providing good governance to all of its citizens.”

Addressing the press today (15 Aug), Council President and Permanent Representative of India Hardeep Singh Puri said the Council expressed its support for the upcoming consultative meeting to be held in Somalia on 4-6 September, which will agree on a roadmap of key tasks and priorities for the country over the next 12 months.

The statement followings the Council’s meeting on Somalia last week when UN Special Representative in Somalia Augustine Mahiga and Assistant Secretary-General in the Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Catherine Bragg briefed Council members on the political, security and humanitarian situation in the country.

Despite the improvements on security, the 15-member Council reiterated its “grave concern at the continued instability in Somalia which has led to a multitude of problems, including terrorism, piracy, hostage-taking and a dire humanitarian situation.”

Puri said that Council members also “reiterated their grave concern at the famine affecting Somalia” and called on Member States to contribute to the UN Consolidated Appeal for Somalia.

In a related development, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) said it had, through its monitoring systems, uncovered possible theft of food aid and had launched investigations.

The agency said that it had put in place strengthened and rigorous monitoring and controls for its in relief operations in Somalia, but given the lack of access to some areas because of security concerns and restrictions, humanitarian supply lines remain highly vulnerable to looting, attacks and diversion by armed groups.

It condemned all parties who would use the desperation of the hungry to block, attack, or divert life-saving humanitarian supplies for their own benefit.


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