UN-9/11 Observed


UN-9/11 Observed

The United Nations today marked the tenth anniversary of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States with a solemn commemoration in the General Assembly Hall, music, and a vow to intensify the battle against terror wherever it is perpetrated in the world.

General Assembly President Joseph Deiss opened the special event saying: “We are here to express our indignation at the cowardice of terrorists. Condemn it firmly and categorically, combat it and see that the guilty are punished.”

Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro said that “terrorism has killed too many of our sons, daughters and mothers, our fathers, sisters and brothers. We cannot let it tear apart the human family.”

Migiro added that the United Nations was determined to honour the memory of those who died ten years ago, by galvanizing all countries in the fight “to seek justice, promote peace and build a better and more secure future for generations to come.”

United States Ambassador Susan Rice asked the audience to remember that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all echoed the same insight that if one killed a single person, it was as if one destroyed the entire world, but if one saved a single life, it was as if one saved the entire world.

Rice said that “today, we affirm again a basic tenet of our common decency and common humanity: to never condone terrorism; to never make excuses for it; to never keep company with those who sow hatred; and to never forget.”

Following Rabbi Richard Maker, Imam Khalid Latif, Reverend Robert J. Robbins and Reverend Masamichi Kamiya walk towards the podium for an interfaith candlelight ceremony and a minute of silence.

During the ceremony the New York City Symphony orchestra played music and soloist Mzuri Moyo sang “Still I Rise”.


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