UN-Diplomatic Show 1 Interview : "Build Church Instead of Mosque"

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UN-Diplomatic Show 1 Interview : Build Church Instead of Mosque

Proposing the "compromise" of building a "church instead of mosque at near ground zero," self described Christian Reverend Alexander Stephens is interviewed by Tom Osborne as well as Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey. "Burn a Koran Day" pastor Terry Jones and Reverend Alexander Stephens share a common ground on who belongs in America and the compromise for "ground zero mosque." (Part of continuing series UN-Diplomatic Interview from New York City presented as "film journalism" in the style between news program and Michael Moore documentary).


Language: English

Year of Production: 2010

Length: 7 minutes

Country: United States


  • Mo Sacirbey, Tom Osborne, Steve Gomley


  • Tom Osborne, Susan Sacirbey, Steve Gormley


  • Steve Gormley, Tom Osborne & Mo Sacirbey