The General Assembly today (16 September) voted to recognize the National Transitional Council (NTC) as the official representative of Libya at the United Nations.

Several Latin American countries objected to the admission of the NTC on the grounds that it was a group sponsored by Western powers and not representative of the Libyan people.

Venezuela’s Ambassador Jorge Valero said an attempt was being made for the General Assembly “to recognize a group tutored by the Government of the United States and NATO which has neither moral nor legal authority to decide who must govern a nation.”

Other countries opposed the admittance of the Libyan rebel group, alleging that it is not yet a fully established nor functioning government.

Angola’s Ambassador Ismael A. Gaspar Martins asked for a deferment of the vote. He said that although the NTC “has committed itself in the very near future” to establishing an interim government of national unity, and “notwithstanding of the fact that the NTC is in fact in control of Libya, it is as yet not government in Libya, interim or otherwise.”

Egypt’s Ambassador Maged A. Abdelaziz expressed trust in “the ability of the National Transitional Council to represent the Libyan people properly in the General Assembly and other international fora.”

He said that Egypt was “not convinced that there is any other legitimate option that could be considered in meetings of the African Union or the Arab League or the United Nations rather than allowing the National Transitional Council of Libya to occupy the seat.”

The resolution admitting the NTC as the official representative of Libya was approved by 114 votes to 17 votes against. 15 countries abstained


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