What is UNDP?-One Day

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What is UNDP?-One Day

What is UNDP, the United Nations Development Programme, and what does it do? This creative and informative look into its works around the world filmed from many of its offices and staff "One Day on Earth",

A brief description of the project as it was developed - "One Day on Earth" to capture people's stories across the globe

Global media event and online community to create a shared archive and feature film

New York — On October 10, 2010, people across the world participating in the “One Day on Earth” project will capture an unprecedented global video snapshot of a single 24-hour period. Participants, ranging from teenagers with cell phones to Academy-Award nominated documentarians using the latest HD cameras, will film the world from their own perspective. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has partnered with “One Day on Earth” to help the project reach participants in 100 countries with low bandwidth, making it a truly global initiative.

“One Day on Earth” currently has a growing number of thousands of filmmakers and inspired citizens representing over 190 countries. (More at UNDP.org )


Language: English

Year of Production: 2011

Length: 9:30 mins

Country: United Nations


  • Muhamed Sacirbey (UNTV-UNDP original)


  • Susan Sacirbey (UNTV-UNDP original)