Witch or Saint or Senator-Christine O'Donnell

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Witch or Saint or Senator-Christine O'Donnell

undiplomatictv.com parody continues: Christine O'Donnell, Delaware Senatorial Candidate has "dabbled" with witchcraft, sainthood and now is on doorstep of US Senate. Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey and self styled Confederate Reverend Alexander Stephens debate her qualifications along with host Tom Osborne. The Rev advocates her political stand but would have the "witch" burned at the stake - Senator Crispy O'Donnell we presume in this UN-diplomatic parody that covers everything from masturbation to celibacy, from President Obama and the Democrats to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2010

Length: 6 minutes

Country: United States


  • Mo Sacirbey, Steve Gormley, Tom Osborne, Semyon Maltsev


  • Steve Gormley, Susan Sacirbey, Tom Osborne


  • Steve Gormley, Tom Osborne, Mo Sacirbey