Growing up in the idyllic surroundings of black sand beaches, volcanoes and fantastic extremes of weather, the young athletic and graceful Ekaterina knew from an early age that she would gravitate to performance arts.

Her parents and teachers guided her into ballet at an early age where she developed her love for being on stage. Frequent world traveling with her family made it difficult for the full time commitment necessary though and studies took precedence.

She later rekindled her passion for performing when she became a successful competitive ball room dancer, as well as teaching and choreographing ballet for children. While studying abroad in Louisiana she was 'discovered' by a modeling scout and took a leap of faith to travel to New York City to model while finishing her studies. Immediately photographers were captivated by her comfort and to 'get' their direction. The early years of performance had prepared her well for this successful new chapter of her life.

Ekaterina will now take these many years of experiences and channel it into her new passion, acting. It is the natural
progression for someone as comfortable in front of an audience and the camera as she has become.