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I have always loved film and have an almost eidetic memory for those that I have seen ... As I also love to write I figured I'd mix the two and try film blogging - I can see a lot of new releases and want to share my experiences with everybody else.

I believe film can be a way of jumping into another life - for that period of time, you are no longer yourself but the characters in that film and that film is your life.

After having film studies drilled into my head for two years, I don't tend to focus on the diagetic and non-diagetic sounds, nor the macro / micro features - I'd rather focus on the way the films made me feel.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and maybe I'll watch some trailers and give my thoughts on them as well. I love to share, so if you subscribe and share my things, I'll subscribe and share your things - it's only fair right?

So sit back, forget everything else and enjoy - after all, it's just a movie