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Elaha Mahboob has been working with Afghan Citadel Software Company as a Co-founder and Lead Programmer since 2010. Afghan Citadel is an women-owned IT business company that provides services like software development, networking infrastructure, web designing and IT consulting in Afghanistan. She also worked as a Network Administrator in the Network Operation Center of Herat University. She is one of the founders of EdyEdy(Educate yourself) platform and member of Women's Annex foundation, an Non- profit organization that support and help women in Afghanistan and central and south of Asia via digital literacy. She is also making curriculum and teaching female students in Afghanistan to use social media and digital literacy to promote themselves.

During the Taliban regime, Mahboob's family lived in Iran where she was born. They returned to Afghanistan after the fall of Taliban in 2002. Elaha graduated from Goharshad High school of Herat, and has a bachelor degree in Computer Science. She studied Database Engineering at Herat University in Afghanistan.