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My experience and how i got started.

Throughout my life , I have always felt the need to be able to work for myself , to generate a income and to take on my own dreams and projects into my own hands. Unfortunately , it doesn't always go as you plan and the way you think it should be .
Finished school in 2000 without having any idea of what it was that i wanted to become and not even considering to go to collage. Going to collage would have been a waste of my parents funds at that time and wasn't even a option .

I wanted to have a business , my own project that i could get of the ground and make a living from , and thinking back today , even if i had the funds to start one up , it would have just crashed and burned before it even got of the ground . And the business ventures that did follow in the years to come did crash and burn because of a lack in experience and know how.

I have always had business venture ideas but not the knowledge nor the finance to get anything started apart from weekend jobs in people s gardens and small odd handy man jobs around the house , but i was determined to do something on my own.
The years that followed i got involved in the Transport and logistics Industry. Being employed from one Company to the other and working for my father that owned a Transport business at the time , I started to do really good for myself and was the first time in my life it felt that i found what i was looking for and what i wanted to do as a career.

By the age of 26 i owned my own Company in the Transport and logistics industry and had been doing good for myself for quite a while .

This is when i started looking into making money online and ways of doing it . From the start i could see that the only way to make some money was by having my own unique platform and that back then the only way that anyone made money online ,that was part of a affiliate program , was the owner of the company itself.

But what was i going to sell ? I had no idea ?

While at a friends house one night , and my web designer from that day forward , we discussed a few option of what was possible . He suggested that i should do something in the transport industry as its was what i knew best , and that is what we did .

We designed a web based community where business individuals could meet and do business with each other in the transport and logistics Industry . The problem back then was , even though the Microwave was a old Technology in the States and the rest of the world , in Africa it was the hottest thing on the market .

Just joking , it wasn't really that bad , but my point is , my father was still writing out invoices from a invoice book . Back then people didn't do business online and not everyone had computers or the technical know how , to conduct business online.
Well long story short , has been online now for more than 10 years and has about 15 000 million hits with more than 8000 members . Doesn't sound that much considering the traffic facebook and other social media platforms get , but this is a very specific target market and just for the Southern Parts of Africa.

So he designed and the business that i had at that time started experiencing financial problems because of bad debt and to much over heads which i didn't have a clue about at that time and i went bust .

So what happened ? I needed to go look for a job again ! After working for myself by myself for more that 7 years .

This was around 2012 -2013 . Well , i learned allot from those experiences and looking back at them today , there is no regret . It needed to happen to open up the next chapter of my life and to gain the knowledge that i have today.

Not that there's nothing more to learn . We learn every single day and we will keep learning till the day we die .

That's also one of the things that i enjoy the most out of life is those ups and downs. You probably thinking "bullshit" Andre , who enjoys being broke , or the land lord trying to throw you out of your house , or the car standing in the middle of the street because there s no fuel in it or the high court ordering the state to collect everything that you have worked for over the last few years .

Well , I truly believe that every action has a re- action . Maybe i needed to learn something out of that experience so that the next time something like that happens again you re- act differently to that situation

Okay , so back to the story . You could figure that after i had to go look for a job again , that it wouldn't have lasted long before i just quite again .. I think i did a year ;) , at a really good company that paid me really good.

Well , i worked allot of overtime throughout the night as a export manager and had allot of time to start browsing on the web again and get back to my website and research into making money online which this blog is actually about . What maid me resign again and start full time from home.

I came across 2 of the best online opportunities out there today , and to be really good at what i am doing now i cant see doing the one without the other. Yes , both of them separately are both great opportunities , but as a combination , it just blows everything out of the park.

And because i have experienced it for myself , i can go out to share it with others.. It is possible to make allot of money online and in my next blog i will tell you how and why online ?