10 Korean artists Pretty Without Plastic Surgery

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10 Korean artists Pretty Without Plastic Surgery - The South Korean female or male plastic surgery is common. Plastic surgery for women is common. In general, women in Korea was afraid to look pretty. No wonder many artists also perform plastic surgery. For those who do not plastic surgery Korean women known for their natural beauty. Among the rows of artists plastic surgery there are artists who do not perform the operation.

1 Song Hye Gyo

In Asia Song Hye Og post portray famous tv series full house. Beauty owned Hye Gyo have really experienced. Inevitably he was even nominated for a magazine 100 beautiful artist in the United States defeated the artist hollywood. Hye entered the 16 most beautiful actress in the world.

2 Kim Tae He

Beautiful artist who became famous celebrity lover Rain Korea does have a distinctive beauty of Korean women. He never plastic surgery does attract many people. Tae He has a wide eyelids and eyes wide so to say as an example of the ideal figure of Korean women. No wonder He Tae Korean artists in the top 10 beautiful without plastic surgery.

3 Jang Na Ra

This petite singer also never do plastic surgery. Because the body Jang Na Ra small kecantikanya often synonymous premises cutesy charm a woman.

4 Park Shin Hye

Korean artist is indeed worthy of the top 10 Korean beautiful artist without plastic surgery. He had never had plastic surgery. Unique face and eyes wide characterizes the beauty of Park Shin Hye.

5 Moon Geung Young

Artist player Korean TV series is indeed beautiful from birth. She including Korea beautiful artist without plastic surgery are well known since childhood. She has starred on TV since starway to heaven until now his face remained unchanged.

6 Lee Young Ae

This beautiful woman one popular thanks peranya in the series jewel in the palace. Kecantikanya really outgoing and charismatic. She looks beautiful with distinctive Korean charm of natural beauty. No wonder Lee Young Ae Korean artists in the top 10 beautiful without plastic surgery.

7 Lee Min Jung

This talented young actress does look very charismatic. He has a charismatic charm elegant as a woman. No wonder he entered the Korean artist naturally beautiful without plastic surgery.

8 Go Hye Sun

Actress famous for her role in the series meang boys before this flower looks very pretty. Even the artists only recognizes the natural beauty Goo Hye Sun. Inevitably, he was in the top 10 Korean artists beautiful without plastic surgery.

9 Song Ji Hyo

Actress and one of the stars Running this man has a natural beauty. He never melaukan plastic surgery to manipulate kecantikanya.

10 Han Ga In

South Korean artist fan leader G-Dragon of Big Bang has incredible beauty. This natural beauty makes her entrance in a beautiful 10 Korean artists without plastic surgery.

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