10 reasons for cats unusual behaviors [Part 2]

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Have you ever wonder why your cat is doing something unusual? Below are 10 reasons for that. 

5-  Cats sleeping on human chest:

Cats usually like to sleep on your chest. It’s their favorite place to sleep, as they feel comfortable. Cats feeling more secure when they feel your warmth and your heartbeats.


6-  Cat's loud voice:

When your cat starts to meow loudly, it’s a sign that he/she is hungry. It would be better that you provide him/her food so soon, otherwise they will not stop it till they get something to eat. 


7-  Cats lying on your staff:

Cat’s love to take your attention and being near you. When you are reading a book, working with computer or anything else, they lie on your staff to have your attention. 


8-  Cat born to bit:

biting is a natural behaviors of cats. You may see them biting in different emotional situation anger, happiness, playing and so on. 


9-  Cat’s biting their nail:

You may see your cat biting her/his nails. This happens when your cat is angry, bored or dirty.


10-  Cat's lies at her back :

When you see your cat lies on her back, and his/her stomach is in air, it means that he/she wants you to pat her down.


Share with us the reason behind your cat's behaviors! What do you think about cat's unusual acts? Tell us in the comments below! 


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