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Compete, be judged, screen, be seen, promote, network, travel, participate, join, discover.

1. Compete: If you get into ÉCU 2012’s Official Selection you will be in competition with some of the best independent filmmakers in the world at Europe’s premier independent film festival.

2. Screen your film to large international audiences if your film is selected to be in the elite group of less than 100 films in the Official Selection.

3. Get judged by a panel of experts from across the worlds of media, film, and journalism.

4. Get seen by industry professionals, cinema lovers, other filmmakers, members of the press, distributors…

5. Promote your work. A very high percentage of the trailers for the films we receive will be shown across out social media network to 100,000s of people which will raise the online profile of your film.

6. Network at the festival. The festival offers the chance to network with other independent film makers, film industry professionals, members of the press and many more folks.

7. Travel the world with “ÉCU-on-the-Road” an initiative where ÉCU screens films from the Official Selection around the world at our partner festivals, special screenings, films schools and art colleges. So far we have been to 15 film festivals in 10 different countries in the last 6 months, and this rate will only increase.

8. Participate in our workshops, seminars, parties, and of course all of the festival’s screenings in the City of Lights.

9. Join the ÉCU community – a creative meeting point for filmmakers out there on their own since 2006.

10. Discover once and for all if you are talented enough, creative enough, and brave enough to win a prize at ÉCU 2012.

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The European Independent Film Festival discovers, promotes and projects only the BEST independent films from around the world every year in Paris, France.

The selected titles represent the pinnacle of contemporary filmmaking talent from around the world and compete for the title of "Europe's Best Independent Film".


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