10 things I hate about my family’s gathering

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10 things I hate about my family’s gathering

Although, I can’t wait till my family meeting takes place, I hate a lot of stuff in this meeting and I regret that I was eager for this meeting in the first place. The following are the reason for my regrets;

1-      One of my aunts would say ”poor she , she did not get married till now, though she is so pretty”

2-      My other aunt would say “my dear you gained weight, you should take more care of how u look, you are not a child anymore”

3-      The third one would say “honey, you are so young to wear these dark colors you have to wear more bright colors

4-      The other one would say “baby you are such a dreamer wake up and live the reality


5-      Now it is my uncles turn “sweetie you are so naive , you have to work in a place where they actually pay you money, the company you work for is such a crap”

6-      The other uncle would say “you were working for a better company than your current company, what a shame, you should have stayed there”

7-      The next one would say  “If u have stayed in this company , you would have an insurance and a car allowance and he would tell me that I am not smart ”

8-      The last uncle would say “oh pumpkin  you worked so hard since you were so young, how misfortune you are”

9-      The conclusion would be that I am the center of all the attention in this gathering but not in a good way, hell no I hate these gathering, I don’t want to attend any of them again.

10-   But here I am again, after all of these struggling I would not miss any of these silly family meetings and that is the most important reason why I hate them, I am addicted to them.


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