10 Tips On How To Save Money

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For some of you, you have been probably hearing from your parents that you need to save money for your future ever since you were a child. Well, you should certainly follow your parents' advice because saving money will not only give you financial stability but peace of mind as well. If you already are in your 30's or 40's, and you think it is too late for you to save money, you are wrong. You can still save money even if you are an average employee or a work-at-home mom by following these tips.

10 Tips on How To Save Money

As you age, saving money should be one of your main priorities, and here are some tips on how to save money

  • Have your own garden

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Having a small garden at the comforts of your own home can help you save a lot of money. Imagine if you have some fruits, herbs, and vegetables planted in your garden, you won't need to buy from the market or grocery store anymore.  It will not only help you in saving from grocery shopping expenses but from your transportation expenses as well. You can grow some garlic, onion, potato, radish, tomato and a lot more. They are easy to grow and perfect for starters. 

  • Just shop for what is important 

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Shopping is a fun and exciting activity to do, without a doubt. It helps you to de-stress and forget your problems for a while. However, shopping for unnecessary things is not practical, especially if you are an average or a contractual worker. Refrain from spending on too much clothing. As much as possible, dress up minimally. If you feel an urgency to buy new clothing, go through your wardrobe. Bring all your clothing from the back to the front, and for sure, you will find something that you need for your school or work. 

  •  Avoid using credit cards

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When you go shopping, whether it is an appliance, furniture, gadget, grocery or personal shopping, you should try to avoid using your credit card. Some credit cards have high rates of interest, and if you fail to make repayment each month, you will have to pay interest charges which can put you in debt and affect your credit score. So as much as possible use cash or debit card when you go shopping. 

  •  Bring home-cooked meals to school or work 

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Instead of having lunch or dinner at a fast food chain or restaurant, bring homecooked meals to your office or school. Always plan your meals ahead of time so you will have a delicious meal every time. Also, consider having leftover food. Just add a few ingredients or spices to make the most of your leftover food. Avoid wasting your food as food waste is expensive. Just be creative. Upgrade your leftover food into a whole new dish. If you want ideas, you may refer to some culinary blog or website online. 

  •  Stick to your grocery shopping list

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Before you go grocery shopping, make a list on your mobile phone or notepad and stick to it. I know how challenging it is to stick with your budget and grocery shopping list, especially if you see something that you like or if you see some grocery items that are on sale. Stop yourself from getting items that are not included on your list if you are serious about saving money

The habit of saving is itself an education; it fosters every virtue, teachers self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to forethought, and so broadens the mind."

T.T Munger

  •  Avoid availing monthly subscriptions

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Monthly subscriptions to Netflix or Spotify are expensive. Just watch on your cable TV if you want to catch up with your favorite movies or television series, or you can ask your close friend to record them for you if you are busy with school or work. It is possible if they have a television set that supports recording. 

  • Use energy-efficient appliances

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Using energy-efficient appliances is helpful not only in reducing electric bills but in conserving the environment as well. Also, it helps in decreasing the abuse of natural resources like oil and water. Energy-efficient appliances may include air-conditioning system, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc. To ensure that you are getting an energy-efficient appliance, look for the energy star logo. 

  •  Go for generic medicines

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Generic drug or medicines are cheap and can work as just the same as branded medicines. They have the same dosage, effects, safety, use, etc. However, you need to check with your medical doctor first if it is an excellent option for you. 

  • Record all of your expenses

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Recording all of your expenses is vital if you want to know how to manage your money and control your financial affairs. Moreover, it helps you track your daily, weekly or monthly expenses, gives you an idea where your hard-earned money goes, and the list goes on. If you notice that you have bad spending habits, you should change that instantly so you can budget and save money

  • Make your own personalized gifts

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If a friend, family member or special someone is celebrating his or her birthday, you can make your own personalized gifts instead of buying from a store. You can bake his or her favorite cake, crochet a blanket or scarf, design a t-shirt, etc. Also, personalized gifts are way better because of the personal touch factor, and do not forget to add some handwritten card or note. 

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Final Thoughts

These tips on how to save money can't completely transform your life, but it can make a difference later on, especially if you start saving right now. Make a conscious effort to save by simply saving the loose change or taking the public transportation, because it will give incredible benefits to you and your family. 

Again, thank you for reading. Blessings!

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