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Hi guys,


It's me again - NinaB, and I'm back with another topic which hopefully some of you will find useful. One of the celebrations that everyone enjoys, is that person's birthday. On that day you make a special day for yourself and celebrate with friends or do whatever you feel best fits your personality.

Talking about birthday parties, it's important that guests pay attention to choose a proper present for the one celebrating. This could be a very difficult task if you don't know the person very well or his/her taste is too specific. I've had my moments as well, in choosing the best present for "difficult" people and I know it's not always an easy task.


A birthday is the anniversary of the birth of a person or an institution. Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with birthday gifts, birthday cards, a birthday party, or a rite of passage.



Here I've made a list of top 10 things you can check before you give up on a birthday present:


1. Food/Drinks



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It's hard to make a mistake on this one if you spend some extra time on checking what would be the person's favorite meal or drink. Chocolates are mostly a good choice, but it depends on the taste. A special drink would be a good idea for people who enjoy alcohol. It's a tasty gift, and if you choose something like a special edition or a branded product, this would also make it unique.


2. Clothes



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This one is tricky. You can choose clothes that really look good, but you still don't know if it will fit the taste or the style of the person. If he/she is close to you, then you'll probably know/guess what would be a good match, and you can also use it to make some changes to the style of your friend (although I don't recommend this one). Also, be careful about the size - you should check this before you go to the shop.


3. A Personal Gift


How about a special present that is so personalized that includes the name of the person written out somewhere - on a cup or a T-shirt, or whatever you might imagine. That is a special gift for a very close person and it can cheer the guy up almost immediately. Don't underestimate the people's love of their own names - it always works, 100% proven. Sometimes it's just our pride that makes us do things or feel a certain way. Try it on your own and you'll see the result.


4. A Cake



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I can't imagine a better present for my birthday than a chocolate cake. Especially if it's a huge one and with lots of cream. Good ones might be expensive but a birthday is once a year, so I believe it's justified. Chocolate and sweets are proven to improve the overall mood and happiness of people so you can be sure all the guests at the party will be smiling and you will spend a wonderful day/evening. Nowadays they can prepare the cake with a special label and handwriting made out of cream to make the experience even more unforgettable. Make sure you order it at least a few days upfront so that the cake is ready on time.


5. Cosmetics



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Everyone needs a little pampering. A good perfume or a body lotion, whatever you might think of in terms of cosmetics would be a perfect choice. It's not only something to remind the person of you, but it's also a useful present he/she can use on a daily basis. It depends on the person what brand you would choose, but the fancier - the better. Of course, you should first decide on the budget. You definitely want to make your friend glowing with happiness but on the other hand, you don't want to spend all your savings on a birthday present, right?


6. Movies/Music



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A memorable gift would be the favorite type of entertainment for the person you want to surprise. His/her favorite music band or a movie with his/her best actor/actress would definitely make him/her happy. Be careful though, you must be certain that this person enjoys entertainment and check his/her taste upfront. The last thing you want is to be in a situation where you bought something that will stay on the shelf. Ask around or better - ask the person directly next time you meet him/her without mentioning you're going to make a surprise with it. Just a casual conversation would do the job.


7.  Jewelry



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This will never become an outdated gift. Jewelry is beautiful, it's expensive and shows care and concern. Besides, it remains for a long time as a memory of the birthday celebration. Especially for girls/women, it is always a good bet. Gold is nice, but it also can be something like mineral stones or just a fancy bracelet or interestingly-shaped jewelry. No matter what it is, that can't be a disappointment. An extra hint is to check the taste for jewelry of the person - favorite stones, shapes, elements, what she/he enjoys wearing, what she/he's been planning to purchase for herself/himself for a long time. You can buy it for her/him and make her/him extremely happy. :)


8. A Birthday Card


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A specially designed birthday card can make anyone melt. And even more - if you design it yourself. Not everyone was born a designer, but the time spent decorating a card is never wasted. You put your effort and energy towards the one you want to make happy, and it definitely pays off. I've done that myself several times and it's so rewarding to see the smile on the face of your friend. Especially if you make it so personalized, making sure to use his/her favorite colors and/or ornaments. But firstly, you will have to find out what they are if you don't know yet.



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9. Home Appliances



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 Another original way of making someone happy is buying appliances for their home. Everyone needs those, whether it would be a simple cup or a full set of serving cups. And there is enough variety to choose from - sheets, blankets, plates, you can pick appliances for the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, or whichever room you decide. And of course, considering the person's needs based on your information about him/her. Choosing a present like this one should be fun, after all.


10. Do-It-Yourself Present



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And for the last item on my list, I chose to put the gifts that you could make yourself and give your most valuable thing to the birthday guy - your time and efforts. Not only it will be something to remember that stays for a long time, but it will also be so special added your personal touch to the details. Make sure you give the best of yourself when preparing it and be careful about each and every little thing. Also, it's a good idea to make an item you know very well so that the results are the best possible. Take your time until you get the desired gift.


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And with that, the list is over. I'm sure there's a lot more to add here but in my humble opinion, these are the most common presents you can choose from when it comes to birthdays. Of course, if there's another celebration going on the gifts may vary and this list would look slightly different. You can use your imagination to complete it then.


Thanks for reading! See you!


- NinaB


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