12 Tips for Choosing the Best Topic for a Blog

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Hello guys,


Finally, but not for the last time I hope, I have a few days off from my main job, and wondering how to make my day more useful. I was thinking to make some cleaning/cooking/housework at home, and also have a nice walk as it's still sunny outside. But in the meantime, I also remembered I kind of reduced the time I spend on this wonderful platform and it's time to fix this issue.


A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries ("posts").



As the new year is coming soon, I'm getting ready and running to complete all tasks due 2017, so I can start clean and not worry about anything. So many thoughts are going through my mind, that I can't possibly put them in order, but for this blog, I'm thinking to share a few of my observations regarding choosing a blog topic. And as I know this is something a lot of users here struggle with, I truly hope my post will give them some guidance in this regards.


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Let's start with the first one:


1. A Topic that you're Knowledgeable about



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The easiest way to write the best possible blog is to choose a sphere where you know a lot of stuff. It can be your hobby or your job, or anything you love to spend time doing. In this case, the thoughts and ideas you share would be much more valuable as you'll know what you're talking about. And you are much more likely to reach to people that need your advice and expertise.


2. A Popular Topic


It's a great idea to be current and respond to the interests of the crowd. At certain points, people are interested and looking for specific things and it might be your post that would help them learn more about their particular needs. To learn what's popular you can just use social media and spend a few minutes scrolling to see what people enjoy watching and reading.


3. Topic: A Tutorial


A tutorial is a method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process. More interactive and specific than a book or a lecture, a tutorial seeks to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task.




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Some products/services/websites are not that easy to operate. That gives room for bloggers to help and explain further the way something functions. But, before you write a tutorial, make sure you know and tried the product/service yourself. This way you will have all the necessary knowledge to be as helpful as possible.


4. Topic: Science


Another interesting topic is about science. Doesn't matter what science - as long as the post is informative and gives the details about an event/item, it could serve as a reference for other people who might be curious about learning more in this sphere. Be careful though - it could be tricky and challenging to choose the proper terms so that they are comprehensible for the mass. Otherwise, you risk limiting your audience to very few individuals.


5. Topic: Travelling



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I won't lie about it - this is one of my favorite types of topics. Such blogs not only give information about a location but they could also provide subtle details that no one else could give. Travelling is an individual experience and as such, there is always something new and undiscovered to write about for a given place. Just be honest and write everything you remember about your trips - you never know who might need this piece of info. :)


6. Topic: Entertainment



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The entertainment subject includes many things - dancing, acting, cinema, singing, etc. Whatever you might think of that people do in their spare time. It's a broad topic and it's a good idea to choose a specific part of the entertainment - a certain song, or an artist to write about. You can then express your own opinion and the way you feel when you listen or watch this artist. Be unique.


7. Topic: Health and Beauty


This topic would never be outdated - who doesn't want to be healthy and beautiful? If you know certain tricks to maintain a better health - do share them here to help other people gain some of your knowledge and experience in this area. Whether it would be something regarding nutrition or exercising, it could potentially help many people benefit and maintain good health in the future.

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8. Topic: Sports



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Sports is the perfect topic for people who are really interested in this area because they can give a unique opinion regarding their personal hobby. The number of potential readers for such a blog would be great and they would be eager to learn more from a real sports fan.


9. Topic: Work from Home



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Lately, the work from home opportunities increase a lot, and many individuals are more and more interested in living such a lifestyle. It's convenient, it's modern and has so many benefits. Myself, I work from home for more than 2 years now and have several blogs on this particular topic. I definitely recommend everyone who is working like that to share their experience with this lovely community - bitLanders.



10. Topic: Food



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Of course, this is also popular and includes lots of stuff - recipes, healthy lifestyle, particular food benefits, etc. Cooking is a great area to write about. Share some tips regarding the latest meals you've prepared, how to make a dish better or easier, etc. Then another option is to write about the benefits of a certain fruit, vegetable or a herb, of course, if you are familiar with them. :)


11. Topic: Music



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This includes all bands, singers, songs, and everything connected with those. It could be a great idea to write about your favorite singer and his/her latest song or album. In addition, you can provide your personal insight in regards to the topic. This would make your post unique and attractive.


12. Topic: Movies


This could be a topic about actors, movie reviews, etc. You can give your opinion regarding the latest movie, recommend something you like or share your overall experience while watching it. I've never written one myself (a movie review) but I've read many of them online and I find those really helpful. If you enjoy watching movies, this would be the perfect blog topic for you. This area also includes series, television, and many more. So it's broad enough to write about.


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And I think this concludes my list of ideas. I hope you find them useful and choose the most suitable blog for you. I wish all of you a successful new year with lots of joy, happiness, and good health! :)

 Btw, I wasn't able to complete the full blog in 2017, so I'm publishing it in 2018. Hope that's ok, and with you all a successfull day!


Thanks for reading!



- NinaB


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