14 Reasons Why Pakistan Is The Worst Country In The World

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1. Pakistan is full of ugly people. Why would you want to live around people who look like this?


2. Islamabad, the Capital city of Pakistan, is basically a stone-age dump that looks more like a war zone.

3. Pakistan has ZERO history – no architecture, monuments or preservation of heritage.

4. The country is basically the ugliest place in the world.. why would any one want to travel here?

5. It just claims to be an Islamic Republic. Not even one mosque is properly built or beautiful.


6. The food.. it doesn’t taste good at all. They don’t even have traditional recipes..


7. Pakistan’s cinema industry is dead.. they haven’t made a single good movie in 50 years.


8. The people who live in Pakistan have no humanity whatsoever.. they don’t care about anyone but their own selves.


9. Pakistan has never accomplished anything globally.. most people have never even heard of its name.


10. Pakistan has zero potential for sports. They probably play with sticks and stones in the deserts.


11. There is no hope with politics. All the politicians are merited on corruption.


12. The comedians are old and boring. They have nobody who can make them laugh on intellectual jokes.

13. Don’t even get us started about the women. They are Burqa-clad and have done nothing for their country.


14. In Pakistan, you will always be bound to your house because there are no good places.. you can’t go out and have a good time!

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