15 the main methods of promotion

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1. Site registration in search engines.

This is the best known method of promotion of the website. It is the registration of the website in the search engines gives 80% of the traffic on your website. And how do You approach this depends on your success (creating META tags, selection of key words, etc.)

2. Work on the content of the site.

The contents of the website plays a significant role in the promotion of the website. It depends on him coming to visit you or not. Where? Will wonder You. Yes, even re: with the search engine, or elementary guest will enjoy the contents of your Internet site and then any time he will run to you. If You will, of course, to update its contents.

3. Building your mailing list.

Your newsletter should be fun, appropriate and have a good name. It gives you a target audience and more traffic to your website.

4. Create your own affiliate program.

Where does an affiliate program? Will wonder You. Yes, because a large portion of the promotion falls on Your registered partners. They begin to advertise Your Internet site, but this is again additional traffic. However, it makes no sense for them to advertise Your Internet site, You might ask. And they are profitable because they receive benefits. More interested — I will get more money.

5. Registration in catalogues and ratings.

This method also gives You traffic, only in case if your website is in top positions in directories and rankings.

6. The inclusion of a site in a system of text hyperlinks.

It is also a very good method of promotion. It increases Your citation index, i.e. the number of hyperlinks to Your Internet site from other sites. The larger CI, the higher Your website will placed in search engine queries.

7. The inclusion of a site in a banner network.

You place the banner on your website in exchange for placing Your banner on another website. I.e. the exchange of banners.

8. The use of Bulletin boards.

Using special software, You can send your ad to thousands of message boards. It is also more traffic to your website.

9. The introduction of foreign mailings.

You can advertise Your website in other people's newsletters. This will give you additional traffic and more target audience.

10. The introduction of mass media.

To advertise the Internet site is permitted not only in the Internet. You can be sealed in any printed publications, etc.

11. Exchange hyperlinks with websites of identical theme.

Exchange hyperlinks gives the probability of attracting new visitors to Your website and increase your citation index.

12. Participate in forums, teleconferences.

Hyperlink marked on its own Internet website in the message, also has the ability to give You guests.

13. Electronic signature.

Electronic signature in e-mail and other places gives the probability that it will go to your Internet site.

14. Website promotion with the support of the so-called "viral" marketing.

For example, you distribute with your own Internet site a free e-book. In this book You placed the hyperlink on your own Internet site or private ads. Since the book is free, it will be distributed in the network more and more. Therefore, Your hyperlink or Your advertising in the book will arrive to your website and more visitors. This is the principle of viral marketing.

15. Offer free services.

People love it when they offer something free. And on the Internet: if You own a website, offer something free, with a 99% chance that guests will come to your Internet site and with great ability will run again.

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