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Sometimes the simplest things add to the peace of a society. In a world of complex technology and instant gratification, the most child-like things make a difference. We Believe in Balloons is a campaign that works to share this kind of wonderment to people in various countries.

The project is currently working to bring 10,000 pink balloons to people living in Kabul, Afghanistan. People from around the world submit $1 to purchase one balloon. The balloon serves as a gift to the Afghan people and a symbol of harmony among the human race.

Zarlasht is an 18-year old girl aspiring journalist living in Afghanistan. Zarlasht already has a series that she produces and directs, called “Conversations With Zarlasht” where she interviews different people. In conjunction with the We Believe in Balloons project, Zarlasht is only interviewing artist living and working in Afghanistan.

Zarlasht points out that she is not the traditional young woman living in Afghanistan. She plays instruments and has views and aspirations that do not fit in with the conservative Muslim society of Afghanistan. Like a balloon, Zarlasht is colorful and free. And like Zarlasht, We Believe in Balloons is not a traditional campaign. 

While the people of the global community are asked to purchase a balloon, the campaign is not about raising money. In fact, each person is only allowed to purchase one balloon. Why? One person, submitting one dollar is a commitment to join many other people in brining peace, beauty and unity to the world. 

To share in this beautiful gesture, visit WeBelieveInBalloons.com. You may also want to view the We Believe In Balloons promo video here on Film Annex. 

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