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Cats are the runes of beauty, invincibility, wonder, pride, freedom, coldness, self-sufficiency, and dainty individuality - the qualities of sensitive, enlightened, mentally developed, pagan, cynical, poetic, philosophic, dispassionate, reserved, independent, Nietzschean, unbroken, civilised, master-class men.

-H. P. Lovecraft-

Giving away my kittens is the hardest thing to do when my cat delivers the baby and later on they need to be given away. If only it delivered males, I wouldn't decide to give them to our friends. I can't support financially to bring so many kitties at the vet to be spayed. I can't also afford their foods. Male cats, even if they're not neutered are less hassle. To my experience, female kittens are a hassle because when they produce babies, they always ask for foods.

If anyone of you plans to adopt a kitten, be knowledgeable of the things they need.



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Because felines are very sensitive with smells, they constantly need a clean feeding bowl. You may notice sometimes after giving food that they walk-out immediately, simply because they never liked the smell. Be on the lookout if it is cleaned and give its own bowl. Pick one dish available at your kitchen. Clean regularly after they eat. Disposable paper can be an option if you're lazy to wash its plate.

Always put the water in its water bowl. After playing, cats become thirsty. Just like humans, they drink water. If you are busy at work and can't feed them throughout the day, use an automatic feeder. You can buy it at a nearby veterinary clinic, even online shopping websites.



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Buy early foods at the veterinary clinic. The animal doctors can prescribe the best supplies suitable for the age. Don't feed your kitty too much to prevent overweight. Cats need a diet too.

Slowly train your cat by introducing lots of varieties. In that way, they enjoy their age.

Introduce your kitten the different kinds of mass-produced foods so you can find out which are its favorites.

Give it the grass cats. It can be bought online if you can't see at your place. They like eating grass to take care of their digestive system. They will not feel well when they eat foods in a roughage condition. You can notice that the homeless cats eat coarse of grasses. This type of grass can be planted to a pot if you don't want to buy that grows for six weeks. Instant grasses where vendors sell are inside the packages, but it is only ideal for cats that lived in apartments. Water the grass so it can be eaten after seven to ten days. They will love it for sure.



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Your pet should familiarize your house to feel it is in a safe place. Secure that it can't go out. But how can you do it if it poos? The litter box is convenient for wasting. Vets recommend what breeder uses as it is the best. As the feline grows up, change the litter into a clay cat. It is eco-friendly and very useful because the deodorant is added. Even the large bags of litters have reduced prices. To ladle the soil from the litter box, use a plastic type. Don't use newspaper that is shredded in a tray or the cat will like it that would dissipate the newspaper in some parts of the house.

Training the young cats is not challenging, but when they lived with the same cats for many days especially with their mother, you need patients to boost their understanding of human communications.

I love owning a cat because they're clean and always wanting a sanitary environment. The strayed felines are easy to discipline on litter because their paws are mature enough to familiarize the surface, dig, and sit down in the hole.

Don't blame it if it defecates everywhere, it did not see soil inside your house and litter trays.

Choose a small litter if you only have one cat and if small, and choose giant litter is she is a big cat or if you have many. For cat owners who like the privacy of their pet, there are litter boxes with covers. It has an extravagant cost but they can be accommodating to your shy cat.

The advantage of litter covering stops your feline to scatter it on the floor. The cover is detachable if you clean the litter. There are also thoroughgoing tops installed deodorant inside yet at a higher price than the standard one.

Kittens decline to use the litter box when it is full of their wastes already, then they defecate everywhere, often beg you to open the door to find land outdoor. Clean the litter box every day to circumvent this scenario. Buy synthetic spoons to ladle their soil. Wise cat owners add baking soda to the litter to prevent the bad odor. However, it can be effective if your pet defecates one-third of the box. Don't use disinfectants and human cleansers with severe fragrances. Cats are sensitive with strong odors, precisely because it contains harmful chemical drops.

Clean the tray in cyclic to keep it staying indoor. Bleach the box. Use soap and hot water.


Felines need a comfort zone to sleep. We may notice the times we want to lay beside them but they stay away because they want to be alone in a quiet place.

Give their own blanket and bed in an area with warm temperature. Stay it away from your child (if there is any). Sometimes they don't like children who disturb their long nap.



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Cat owners place the post beside their cat's bed. Cat's post is called "cat tree." They are cautious with kids and dogs. The cat tree is their protector. They love it even more. It can likewise be helpful to stop them from ruining your pieces of furniture. Mostly, it is created by cardboard, some are matting on the post, others are synthetic. For a natural one is made of bark. To whet their nails, they use trunks they see in the garden. They regularly sharpen their claws to capture preys easily. Their best teacher in hunting is their mother. Mother cats show the technique to use the post where they scratch. The cats from a breeder must know how to use it. Cats are smart to imitate matures.

Allow feline to take a nap in a cat tree for scratching and retreating. Don't feed there. It should be in a place you give them food most of the times.



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When you get a new kitten, be compelled to get a carrying box can be bought from the vet clinics. It can also be seen in the malls. Train the pet of its uses. Buy a quality box that lasts for its lifetime. Cardboard can only last for a short period of time. The wise idea is buying a substantial.

When you plan to bring feline on your air travel, it is halted in a passenger section. It can be assigned to the cargo area. If the attendant allows it in vacationist part, choose a carrier suitable under the seat's space.


As they grow, they promptly love climbing, running, walking, and chasing something that moves. They do it as a calisthenic activity. When they come back inside the house, they know it is the saving place to relax. Cats indoor only have a few exercises. Give them toys to play and train. You can work with them. This is another trick to build a natural relationship.

Cats love everything that moves. Most objects they notice are with small and tiny sizes. They are excited about seeing the spider patterns. When they see everything that looks like a mouse, they become aggressive, even if it is clothed and fur. It is their habit to leap them, throw in the air, and hold through their forefeet. Clever thoughts are hanging something on your door knobs that are springy. You can tie it in fridge handle. Purchase toys made by fabric along the dry catnip.


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Cats love catnips. Plant it easily in the garden. It has a herbal perfume. The aroma performs a psychological effect on their minds. It has no side effects that they could always enjoy. As they grow more mature, they will love catnip more. They can roll it in, eat, sniff, and play.

Lots of pet shops sell various cat toys but you can make your own. They love the thread spools with an empty substance that hangs through the string. They will be very entertained.


When you go out, don't allow it to run the house. Put it in a room with water and foods. Give it toys and litter tray.


A cat is like a dog too who enjoys running outside than just sitting inside the house. If you have a wired roof in the yard, don't let the boredom moment attacks feline. It enjoys climbing and running most of the times. It enjoys more if you have an extensive area in the yard. They love escaping and going back.



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Bring it to a little room with foods, litter tray, water, and the other things it needs. If you came from a long journey, it needs an immediate litter tray. It recognizes the tray so don't worry.

Close all the room's door and windows before your open the carrier. Allow it to come out when it is ready, open the door and wait. Later, it leaps out to discover new things in the house. Let it smell everything to familiarize.

Kittens are not always starving if not pregnant. Be mindful when it cleans itself. After that, it asks for food. Add water. Change it daily. Remember the regular feeding time because cats have routines.

For 20 minutes, remove the foods it never ate. When you feed later, give only a few.

When feline has grown, bring it to the other rooms. It should familiarize the rooms to avoid accidents. You can somehow put a cat door so it can access every room. It can easily visit another room. Prohibit it to go out for many days, but you can build its own door to come out and indoor freely.


Kittens seek their mothers if they are away from its side for the first time. Introduce the litter in its first night and stroke the hair softly while speaking mildly so its doubts and worrying go away. Through it, both can develop a good connection. These are how you express your love and care that it can understand. Later, it becomes comfortable in the house with you.

Put your kitten in her own bed and turn off the lights. Close the door. When you go to your own room, it surely cries, but it becomes relaxed on the second night. You can get your cat to your bed together with you, but smart cats come to the bed of the owner's room without her intention. When it lays its owner on the first night, it becomes dependent soon to lay alone. It lasts for two weeks to hear the cry without you beside. When it grows, it can realize it's enough to be alone.



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Use your other hand to touch the chest of the kitty behind its first set of paws. To carry the headquarters, use a different hand. These are the best ways to pick up our puss pleasantly. If kids don't know how to handle, they could have scratched.

The kittens don't like it when their feet are hanging as we carry their body. Hold its legs or feet to make it feel secure.


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Our kitties bite the hair brushes when we brush their hair or comb, but later, they can understand that makes them love it even more. Since they have routine, do it regularly.


Cats are easy to train. They know how to shake one's hand, sit down by request, and be quiet as waiting for the meal. When we ask "what do you wanna say,?" they just meow. Give them a portion of food as a reward. You can change its attitude through this trick. There are some cats that crave for yeast tablets, then they learn to connect the shaking sound of it along giving the food. They enjoy standing up their legs because they know that later, there is a treat. Do this routine daily.

When the kitty is trained daily, it comes at the routine in the right place.

When learning how to train your cat, you'll start with very basic first steps that both reward good behavior and discourage the bad. But can you train a cat the same way you might train a dog? Yes and no. Because they're highly independent animals, cats might appear aloof or uninterested in following your commands. That doesn't mean you can't influence their behavior, though. If you're patient and consistent, your new kitten or older cat can be trained in no time.

-Erin Ollila-


Whatever you do, as long as you call your cat its name, it can surely understand it was called. When you name your kitty, it is very comfortable to mention with vowels instead of the consonant. Give a shorter and simpler identity if it is a pedigree. In the USA, cats should be registered through their names.



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When it has familiarized your house, bring it to the vet for a checkup and inoculation. Pet owner claims certificate from the breeder that shows the type of injection it had. The vet should put in the list of the certificate to notify the owner of the things to do next. The animal doctor seeks the certificate before doing something to the pet.



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The age to be spayed needed is 6 to eight months old. But if its breed is a Foreign Shorthair, spaying should be earlier. They call for male spray in their four months. It is a normal stage, but to keep pet often, the method beforehand is crucial. If none of the male sprayings, do it 'till ten to twelve months old.


The cats like to build a relationship with its owners. Kids in the family should play them often and train with foods. In this way, they leap immediately when they hear them coming in. To groom, a different member of the family is assigned doing the task.


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Punishment of the cats is a bad move. If you control frequently a soft voice, they can understand when you say "NO" by a loud tone. Wise owners use pistols which is beneficial, but point it at the body not in the eyes.

Take note of the prohibited activities and discipline your pet with routine seriously. It doesn't mean that your cat is like a child too. Remember, their intelligence and understanding are not as great as humans. Know the right things about them before planning to adopt one. If you can't contain its behavior, don't desire to make cat as a pet.


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