20 hard to believe real pictures (no Photoshop)

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Norway Bridge.


Philipinnes Bat (Damn, it's huge)


Billy Owen, a cancer survivor that lost an eye. Curently works at Goretorium.


Liepzig, Germany Airport. It crosses the highway!


Henry Rodriguez, Some guy with lots of spare time and lack of personallity. He dicided to go under surgery to look like red skull.


Pig, a dog with no backbone.


Carlos Rodriguez, he suffered an accident and had a "few" bones removed. Miraculously, he's got a normal life (It's unclear if his mental capacity is the same as BEFORE the accident)


Xiaolian, Suffered an accident where his nose was seriously compromised. The Doctors took a piece of cartilage from his ribs and inserted it into his forehead; literally, growing a new nose for him.


Believe it or not, this is a dog.


Goats climbing trees, looking for food.


Mursi woman, with a (mouth ;) ) lip plate.


Mandy Sellars and her gigantic legs.


Largest digger in the world.


Mikel Ruffinelli, the woman with largest hips on earth.

A whale dead body, as it hits the beach.


Someday in 2010 at Guatemala, the ground sank, leaving this tiny hole...
Want to move next door?


Why you should use the handbrake when parking on a hill.


Cangaroo (Wallabe) dogs (?)


Frank & Louie.
A cat that was born with 2 faces, 2 mouths, 2 noses and 3 blue eyes.

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