2014; a fear for Afghan women

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International forces are going to leave Afghanistan and Afghan forces are going to take over the security responsibility in the entire country by 2014. This is a year that Afghan people think “It is a giant”.

There is even a bigger fear among Afghan women. They believe that by International Forces withdrawal from Afghanistan, they experience before 2001 another time.

They were oppressed by Taliban regime on that time. They were cooped at homes as if they were prisoners.

Any possible education doors were closed at their faces. They were not permitted attend schools. On the other hand, boys’ schools were changed into religious seminaries. Basic subjects, such as Biology, arithmetic’s, Chemistry, physics, and English were not taught. Some religious books were taught instead.

These are all the oppressions Afghan people bore while Taliban was in power. They do not like such a regime anymore. They need peace the same as other countries. They are bored with conflicts; they need live in peace and tranquility space.

The only reason they are concerned about the withdrawal of the international forces form Afghanistan is not to face the ignorant situation they faced when Taliban was in power.

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