2019, My New Year Resolutions

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 As Friends, we can check on each other to see if we are keeping to our New Year Resolutions. Hope after watching the video, you will make your mind up to do your New Year Resolutions if you haven't.

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2019, My New Year Resolutions

Once more, it is the New Year! I have made my New Year Resolutions. Time has gone by quickly and I have accomplished some of my goals for 2018. Yes, I have dreams, goals and ambitions. How about you guys? What do you have in stock for the year?  I’m looking forward to doing great things in 2019. I’m praying and hoping that the year would be a good year for all of us in Bitlanders. There is going to be setbacks for sure! Let this not stop us from reaching the heights of our dreams. I wish us all a fulfilled dream.

My 9 New Year Resolution in 2019

I’m in the habit of making New Year Resolutions as a light unto my feet. A search-light-path to direct me on my road to the self-realization of my dreams.  Here are my 9 New Year Resolutions.


I’m not a devout Christian. Honestly, I find it difficult to pray and commune with Christians. I am living a lonely life from society. A life detached from people. So, one of my goals in 2019, is to pray fervently. Learn to communicate with people frequently.


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Prayer has always been the best way to communicate with God. But I have not been communicating with my Father in heaven. Therefore it is of my best interest to reconnect with God through prayer.

5 stars blog rating

Honestly, despite all the effort I have put in writing a blog post, I’m yet to be awarded 5 stars. I find this single unachieved goal to be frustrating to the point pique. But then AdGooggleKo wrote something that console and shined the light to my bitterness.


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We get more stars here based on #seo value so… Google ranking is important (^­_^) we need to write articles for Bitlanders that will rank high on Google;

The comment section of It has been a year already on Bitlanders for learning and earning

Thus far, I thought I have learned how to write a good blog post. Now, I’m sure I must learn to write a 5-star blog post in Bitlanders. I need to become better to get rated 5-stars. It is my goal in 2019!

I Must Stop Procrastination  

2019 is a new book full of opportunities for me. I will try to stop procrastinating, so I can become better. I intend to be productive with my time, to do what is important and necessary.


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Procrastination has kept me at bay; I could not experiment and test the validity of what works for me. Writing has never been my forte. I kept saying I would, but I never get to write blogs that are worthy of search engine optimization for Bitlanders to get the desired result. 

 Begin the process of working hard and smart

It is clear that I have been procrastinating. I had not been working hard to do what MUST be done. If I should continue on this path, I shall be far from realizing my goals for 2019. It is often said


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If you want to be successful in the long run, you have to put long hours into work

It is hard for me to put in the hours because I give up easily. Therefore, if I must become successful this year, I must prioritize working hard and working smart! To realize my goals, I must make working hard & smart intuitive and part of my character from now on. 

Revive My Blog

I love to blog, but putting the man-hours of labour in researching and coming up with good content has always been a challenge for me. I’m sure some of us think it and feel the way I do right now. If I am feeling and acting in accordance with laziness, then I can’t do justice to the popular saying


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                        No sacrifice, no victory

I need to revive my old blog. It’s a shame, over a year now; I just wrote eight scanty like content. Although I want to do more than just reviving my blog, I want to start ranking on Google search engine for keywords like MAKE MONEY. It is a competitive keyword, but I believe I can do it.

Study Search engine optimization (SEO)

There are so many articles about learning search engine optimization (SEO). I had read a few of them and they all seemed to be saying the same thing. I can now see why I have not been able to get a five-star blog in Bitlanders because I was looking at all the articles with the same eye all along.


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In my experience, learning SEO is a daunting experience. To become successful in Bitlanders and my blog, I need to go back to optimization drawing board. I will take up the challenge and do my best!

 Travel to some parts of Nigeria

I reside in Kaduna Nigeria. It would be a privilege for me to travel to the Southern part of the country. This would be the first time for me to visit Obudu Cattle Range in Cross-River. I desire to visit the Cattle Range, make acquaintance with that part of the country.


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Obudo Cattle Range is not my only destination this year, but it stands atop all other destination. I would love to visit Obudu range before the end of the year. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good camera to take pictures of my travels. I hope to have a good camera before then

 Face My Fears

Underneath all that I have said and done so far, my greatest weakness is the fear of losing. Am build to last, to endure, to have perseverance and I’m tenacious towards realizing my dreams, but I can’t seem to Face my Fears.


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Knowing all these, I can’t still shake the feeling losing! In 2019, I need to face my fear, I need to conquer that fear. Hopefully, when I do, I’d be able to realize the potential I have in the inside of me. I really hope you can also, so we can become the people we are meant to be!

 Make Money

You may be wondering why this is the last New Year Resolution not the first. However, the answer is simple. If I can’t accomplish what I have written above with the exception of Traveling to some part of Nigeria I can’t make money, can I?


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Yes, I have a degree in Physics I would love to work in an office. The reality of Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria is Nepotism and godFatherism. There is no denying it, no escaping it, it is just the blunt truth. 

It is my last New Year Resolution to MAKE MONEY and support myself. And to aid some of my loved ones that are looking up to me. Although Bitlanders is the only place I get paid, I’m certain that writing better articles can raise my earnings.

On A Final Note

Apart from all that I have written here, there are still more I want to do. I believe in writing down a blueprint. A guide of sorts, that keeps me on the right track to my dreams. I may not achieve all my dreams. However, it won’t cost me anything to write them down and follow them. How about you? Do you have a New Year Resolution? Do you feel writing Your New Resolutions is a waste of your time? I would love to read your thoughts. 




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